Shrink FIlm/Wrap 45 8" CF 5830 FT

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Shrink FIlm/Wrap  45 8" CF 5830 FT.


Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® MVP

Low Shrink Force Cross-Linked film ideal for Soft Items & Odd Shaped Products

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® MVP film is an innovative shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. This crosslinked film is especially suitable for low shrink applications and where low shrinkage temperatures and high shrinkage speeds are required. Quickly formed, strong seals make this film an excellent choice for a variety of packaging machines. This film is designed to perform on all types of “L” bar sealers, high speed side sealers and automatic form fill and seal equipment with either thermal or static seal systems.*


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